Foodie Down: Healing Colds Naturally

November 15, 2015

Being sick can get the best of us. It can rob us of our clarity and creativity. No matter how much nutritious food we fill up on, we can still catch a cold. I honestly don’t remember when the last time I had a cold with a nasty cough. But…I got hit.

What is the best way to handle a cold naturally?

*I mention brand names in this post. I have no blogger affiliate deal with these brands. I only share products that have helped me and would recommend to others.*

As a holistic health advocate, I know fighting a cold takes lots of Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc, Good ole’ Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, sleep and nourishing meals to help fight a cold at the first sign of symptoms.

However, I’m embarrassed to say that that’s not what I did (at first). I fought back in denial that I was getting sick.

In fact, that week when I was coming down with a cold I worked even harder, stayed longer hours, actually started a new dance workout, got a hair cut, and wasn’t getting enough sleep. Hmm…can any of you Type As relate?

My LOWEST pathetic move was when I ran into CVS looking for my quick fix. Desperate and distressed, I went to ask a pharmacist about taking another cold tablet. I was already taking Tylenol daytime cold & cough and I wanted to alternate between two. (What sane person does that?) The pharmacist woman smiled and looked at me with sympathetic eyes and said, “No. You shouldn’t mix.” She explained that most of the cold & cough tablets have a cough suppressant and what I really needed to do was rest. She said,

“You need rest. Be sure you’re drinking lots of fluids, the Tylenol tablets take 5-7 days to build up and work. You need to be eating lots of healthy foods, getting sleep and resting as much as possible.”

There it was. The true answer was staring me right in the face. In that moment, all the lights in my brain turned on. What was I doing? I knew better. Fighting so hard to ignore the fact that I need to rest and stop looking for a quick fix.

I said, “Thank you. I guess I’m going to go put these other tablets back.” I walked out of CVS with a bottle of water, a box of Ester-C (gmo free vitamin C tablets) and the most natural cough drops I could find (which was Zarabee’s Lemon & Mint).

I’m no good to anyone when I’m sick, hunched over in my chair, and stressed to the bone. What’s cute about that? My body was screaming at me to slow down.

So now with all this wisdom…what did I do? Run to a different pharmacist for different advice? Ha! No.

I actually turned to my holistic sources that I know are going to help. I did stick with Tylenol during the day for work. I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking Vitamin C, Echinacea, Boiron Coldcalm (which is a holistic source that does NOT interfere with any other medications) and Hyland’s Cold & Cough Night Syrup. Side note: So many OTC medications are filled with nasty amounts of sugar and dyes. I love Hyland’s because it is free from sugar, dye and alcohol.


Homeopathic medicine is designed to work naturally with your body instead of suppressing symptoms. They don’t interfere with other medications.* Homeopathic medicine consists of diluted ingredients like plants, animals and minerals that help to relieve acute symptoms like colds, bruises, teething etc…To learn more about homeopathic medicine I recommend reading Boiron’s Quick and Easy Guide to Boiron Homeopathic Medicines.

*It’s super important for you to talk with your doctor when sick. To be safe, seek professional health care advice regarding medications and supplements that you are taking.

To help speed up recovery from any kind of infection, I like to chop up a clove of raw garlic and take it down water. Hot lemon water with apple cider vinegar helps too. I also made a nice batch of soup.

Keep It Simple Cabbage Soup

½ head purple cabbage

½ head green cabbage

3 cups organic chicken broth

4 stalks celery

1 small onion

4 garlic cloves

Handful of fresh parsley, chopped

Place all ingredients in a large pot. Cook on medium flame for about 45 minutes or until cabbage is soft. Optional: Top with some hormone-free chicken. There you have a simple hearty meal to create a happier immune system.

Excuse me while I gather up all those books and movies that I’ve been meaning to watch and read. Guess I’ll have to save those new hip-hop moves for another day. 🙁




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